Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Cooking; Salman Rushdie's Lamb Korma

Sunday Parade photo of Lamb Korma
My husband loves to read the newspaper, which is a good thing.  I like to read certain parts  but it usually depresses me so he reads and shares things with me and that way I don't have to get bogged down by all the bad news.  He found this Salman Rushdie's recipe at the back of the Sunday Parade Magazine and said that it sounded good.  He loves Indian food and with his birthday right around the corner I decided this would be my special dinner for him.

 I bought  local lamb at my organic store where I also found the cardamon pods.  I've never been able to buy safron here so that was the only ingredient I didn't have.  It was delicious and I loved crushing the cardamon pods in my mortal and pestle which looks a lot like this one....

The recipe was a huge hit even with my daugher who didn't eat the meat but loved the gravy and the jasmine rice.   We had some frozen naan from an Indian store in Arkansas to add to the fun!

Lamb Korma

Servings: 8


1½ cups chopped onion
1 cup clarified butter (melted and skimmed of milk solids)
4 to 5 large cardamom pods (available in the spice section)
10 to 12 small cardamom pods
2 lb lamb, cubed
6 to 8 garlic cloves, crushed
½ inch fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated
1½ Tbsp ground coriander
1 tsp red chili powder
1½ tsp salt
8 oz plain yogurt, lightly whisked
Pinch of saffron


1. Brown onions in butter until deep golden. Remove with a slotted spoon and pulse in a blender to form a paste. Crush cardamom; mix into paste.

2. Add meat to pan; stir over medium-high. After a few minutes, add garlic, ginger, coriander, chili powder, and salt. Stir for a couple of minutes. Mix in yogurt. Cover and cook over very low heat, 1 to 1½ hours.

3. About 5 minutes before korma is ready, add onion-cardamom paste and saffron so it can be absorbed by the meat and gravy.

Mine didn't look like the picture above at all-I didn't have those tiny peas and carrot cubes and mine had more gravy (I added extra yogurt)-otherwise I thought it would be dry.  We loved it and I would make this again.

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TheBookGirl said...

I smiled when I read about how you don't read alot of the newspaper because you don't wanted to get too depressed; I do exactly the same thing; I can't listen to much on the t.v./radio either because it overwhelms me.

This recipe looks yummy; naan is a big favorite around here, and I love jasmine rice :)

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

I think I'd enjoy it without the meat too... would make a great rice dish.

Beth F said...

I haven't made korma in ages. I need to mark this recipe because we eat lamb all the time and love the Indian spices.