Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ivy + Bean; What's the Big Idea?

by Annie Barrows + Sophie Blackwell
From the book:

"It's Science Fair time at Emerson School and the kids in Ms. Aruba-Tate's class are supposed to find a way to cool down the earth.  Some kids are making litterbug-eating robots.  Some kids are holding their breath for a very, very long time.  But what should Ivy and Bean  do?  Somehing with explosions?  Something with ropes?  Or maybe something...different." (inside front cover blurb)

Ohhh, we positively glowed and giggled while we read this book!  I won this special copy from a giveaway a few  months back (a signed copy!) and Groovy Girl and I read it together.  We've loved the six other Ivy + Bean books and this was no exception-and in fact this may have been our favorite.  We liked that best friends,  Ivy and Bean,  focused their attention on the science fair project and ways to help the earth.  This book is a fantastic introduction to global warming and how solutions are hard to find.  It will take more than just one or two ideas from one or two people.    It will take many of us, working together, using multiple solutions but certainly alerting future generations to the concept is a great start.
After a dull presentation by several fourth graders, the students in Ms. Aruba-Tate's classroom are curious about polar bears and their habitat loss.  Taking advantage of a teachable moment, Aruba-Tate turns the upcoming science fair into a global warming fair.  Every other student team easily decides on a project while Ivy and Bean are long on ideas but none that work.  We enjoyed how they kept problem-solving, brainstorming and generally thinking outside the box until they finally come up with the coolest idea ever!  I hope Barrows and Blackwell have other books cooking as this one is a hit.  Any age person will love reading this newest addition of second graders, Ivy and Bean.

We can all help...Do what you can, one step at a time. Buy some reusable sacks and leave them in your car for grocery shopping. Even better find some second-hand canvas bags and reuse those as grocery bags.  Do your laundry at night when usage is low or dry your clothes outside now that the weather is just beginning to warm up.  Barrows includes a list of Save-the-earth ideas at the back of the book.  Highly Recommended.

Quick Quote: 
"Think-how do you cool down a hot thing?" asked Ivy, "Ice cubes!  If we could put ice cubes up in the sky, the air would get colder, right?"  "Right," said Bean.  "But how are we going to put ice cubes in the sky?" asked Ivy.  "Well, in real life, they'd probably have to drop them out of airplanes, but for the science fair, we could just throw them up in the air to show what we mean."  Bean slapped her hand on the table.  "Great idea!  And easy, too!" (47)
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