Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Puppy

We did it!! My sweet husband and I picked out a lab puppy from Cedar Bend Humane Society and passed it off, at least to our littlest one, as an early gift from Santa!! We have settled on Roxanne-or Roxie-for a name. This took much deliberation with five opinions and my husband is still pushing for Eve/Genevieve. Roxie is 7 weeks old and loves to be held and carried around. Sadly, right now she is suffering from a puppy cold and I will be visiting the vet later today. We thought potty training over the holiday break would be a breeze with all of us home. We did not figure on subzero temps here in Iowa and our poor puppy doesn't want to step one foot out the door. It has been years since either of us trained a puppy so I headed to the library to find some puppy training manuals. I was disappointed on the age of the dog collection, which seemed to come mostly from the 80's and early 90's. I did find a good one by Shawn Messonnier, who is a vet and it includes recipes for making your own dog food as well as homeopathic choices. I do plan on making her food as I think most commercial dog foods are, well, yucko! P.S. the puppy's had a name change; it is now Tarah!


Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, SO CUTE! I love black labs! My parents had a Golden named "Roxy" for years.

Peaceful Reader said...

she is turning out to be such a sweet girl too but because we ran into another Roxie (big, unfriendly dog) at our vet visit we changed her name to Tarah. This is our second black lab. Our last one, Taylor died of long life last year at this time of year.
Corey, I looked for your book on Titlewave to order for my school library and they didn't have it! I will have to keep looking. Thanks for your comment!