Friday, December 12, 2008

random thoughts

  • Is it weird that I walk around my own home with my black winter hat on my head for hours after i come home from work?
  • Funniest scene in a book so far today...Junie B. Jones hanging from a set of crutches in the nurse's office after hiding in her kindergarten class!! J and I giggled hard about that at story time tonight!!!
  • We read the book Duck tonight and J said, when we finished, "fake, fake" -she went on to explain how while she liked the book it wasn't believable that a carousel duck would be able to walk around. It is hard for 6 year-olds to understand fact/fiction but her response was valid and true.
  • Little Hoot-what a fabulous little gem about an owl who is forced to stay up by his owl parents (another one of those why didn't I think of that story line!) by the author of Little Pea.

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