Friday, February 6, 2009

New Books

I received a new shipment of books yesterday here at my school. Books that I had ordered just a few weeks ago so, for me, it was a little like Christmas or my birthday...opening the box, smelling the new book smell, opening the crisp covers!! Quite a few picture books were wonderful but I have been enthralled with two chapter books; Elvis and Olive by Stephanie Watson and Julia Gillian and the art of knowing by Alison McGhee. Elvis and Olive has a great cover and a great opening chapter. We meet two characters right away that are polar opposites yet new neighbors. Natalie is sad about it being the first day of summer; she misses school (yeah!) and Annie, on the other hand, looks like a boy and shows Natalie a dead bird within 5 seconds of meeting her. This book may be a fifth grade version of Ivy and Bean, which J and I read and loved last summer. I picked up Julia Gillian right after I relunctently set Elvis and Olive down and again was in love with the first chapter. I especially love that it is set in Minneapolis. I don't live there anymore but I love hearing familiar street names. I am now trying to figure out how to take these two chapter books home and read them around The heart of a chief, The sea of Monsters (yes, I finished The lightning Thief) and The Friday Night knitting club. Oh, and I must fit in some knitting this weekend as well as I have two friends waiting for washcloths. Funny, I noticed both these writers are from Minneapolis when I checked out their websites!!! Interesting.

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