Friday, February 6, 2009

Poetry Friday

I have been working with poetry a little bit in the library and I found this great silly book by Kalli Dakos If You're not here, Please raise your hand. Students love this title, they think for a minute and then have this a-ha moment of "hey, that does not make sense!" Love it!
Here is my selection cuz I like to laugh just a little at Texas:)

They don't do math in Texas

Kate used to live in Texas.
I'd like to shoot her to the moon,
Or into another galaxy,
Whenever she says the word Texas.

"In Texas," Kate says,
"I was in the sixth grade,
Instead of just in fourth
Like I am here.

"In Texas the kids stayed up
All night watching television
Because school didn't start
Until four o'clock.

"In Texas we only did math
In Kindergarten.
Once we learned that
One plus one equaled two
We never had
to study math again.

Peace to Molly Ivins, of course.

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