Friday, August 21, 2009

Bella And Bean by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

This little book by Dolitch, is the kind that give me tingles after I read it! You know, like when someone brushes your hair-those tingles!
It is a lovely story! Bella writes poetry and Bean wants to play, she wants the attention of her friend, Bella.
It begins like this: "Bella lived in an old brick house with white shutters, just up the hill from Spoon Pond. Every day she wrote poetry at a small desk, beneath a small window, shaded by a canopy the color of plums. " Bean likes to come to that exact window to talk to Bella and is bored with Bella's writing time.
Eventually Bella gets to a stopping point, misses Bean and goes off to seek her friend. What happens next is wonderful because the two friends begin to create some word imagery together and Bella puts it all together!! I've already taken this to my favorite 5th grade teacher so she can use it to introduce her poetry unit this year! The illustrations are beautifully drawn by Aileen Leijten. Thank you Rebecca and Aileen for giving me book tingles!! (2009, simonsayskids publishing)
Click her to see Aileen's website. (including a link to another great blog (seven impossible things to do before breakfast for an interview with Aileen.)

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