Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picture Books

It's the first day of school!!! There is only one first day and it is turning out to be a very smooth day! Now that I'm back in the library I am surrounded by all the beautiful book purchases I made at the end of the school year but didn't have time to read! One of those gems is Apples and Oranges; going bananas with pairs by Sara Pinto. I read it with J (my six-year-old and constant reading companion) and she thought this book was hysterical. She actually read it to me so it is perfect for k-2nd grade but truthfully all ages would love the humor and be able to think of their own silly pairs (great writing assignment). Here are some of my favorite pairings: "How are a book and a letter alike?" (turn the page) "they both don't go out for sushi." The accompanying illustrations are giggle-worthy as well with this one showing the book and the letter sitting at a sushi bar trying to get the chopsticks to work! And another: "How are a starfish and an octopus alike"? "They both don't knit." I can picture many ways for a classroom teacher to use this gem of a book. I plan to create a slideshow in my introduction to the library lesson using my own silly pairs. Sara has a beautiful website-click here to explore.

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