Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dress Envy

#3 Luxe Novel

I just put Splendor(the 4th and last Luxe novel) on hold at my local library and I hope the patron who has it right now reads really, really fast.  I am so intrigued by the ending of this one-I want to find out how everyone turns out, especially Diana!

It's been two months since Will's death and Elizabeth is struggling to get back out into society.  Her younger sister, Diana, is torn between hating and loving Henry Schoonmaker.  While Henry loves Diana he married Penelope, Elizabeth's conniving best friend, to save Diana's reputation. Then there is the maid-turned-socialite, Carolina Broud, who has to find how she fits into this back-stabbing world.  It sounds oh, so soap opera-ish except Godberson crafts the story well, layer upon layer. Instead you find yourself trying to finish the book all in one night just to know how everything clicks together.

The entire entourage heads off to Palm Beach, Florida, which is a perfect change of venue.  Penelope spends her time worrying about Diana while Diana shifts between taking care of Elizabeth and finding moments with Henry. There are some amazing powers at work here as several characters grow stronger.  I especially appreciate Henry as he learns to make decisions on his own.

I loved this third installment and felt like Godbersen is taking her characters to new heights.  Elizabeth's decisions prove her natural strength.  Sadly, the more Elizabeth makes good decisions for herself and her family, Penelope makes bad decisions, tumbling her down a path of no redemption. 
If you haven't picked up the Luxe and you enjoy historical fiction-give yourself this gift!!
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4/5 peaceful stars
recommended high school and above


Jenners said...

After seeing the cover, I totally understand your post title!

Peaceful Reader said...

Exactly-wouldn't you just love to wear that dress for one day!! Maybe a couple of hours, even!

Jana said...

Had to skip this review because I am way back on the second one...maybe good reading for Christmas break!