Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Highland Update

Just a quick update-I finished packing the rest of the library today!  Oh my goodness-what a lot of nooks and crannies to clean out.  I moved a lot growing up and have moved also several times as an adult so I was prepared for this major move but I kept coming upon another set of goodies to pack.  In one of the back old offices I found an ancient copy of Sears cataloging book-had to take that-it's an antique!!

I spent about two hours in the new library thinking and talking about book placement, electical outlets and how high the desk is!  I am sad to find the major built in shelves are two small for picture books and in order for picture books to fit we will have to remove one shelf (wasted!) to make just two shelves across instead of three!  This is majorly dissapointing because I was very specific with the architect about book size and making enough space!!  Apparently they just did what they wanted to anyway.  The desk is too tall and there is an electical/computer drop spot too far away from where the computer is supposed to be...minor details on an otherwise beautiful library!  Tomorrow my books will be transported from one building to the other and we will begin to put them on the shelves by Friday!!  Yeah!!!  I will definetely be done with the whole move thing by holiday break!!
Tomorrow I should have new photos of move.

I am on chapter 12 of The evolution of Calpurnia Tate, which is fantastic and worth savoring!
Peaceful girl and I are about to begin reading Ruby Lu, brave and true by Lenore Look and recommended by the indomitable V.
My two school book clubs are reading The Lightning Thief and Breadwinner and I have not been keeping up with them at all.  I am not giving them the full amazing book club experience as in previous years.  Hopefully, things will settle down after the big move and my focus for them will be better.

Be Peaceful~

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Tina's Blog said...

Despite the flaws you mention your new library is still wonderful! I'll have to come over again next week to see the progress you have made.