Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In my mailbox

Today I came home and found two very exciting things in the mail, always wonderful when there are more fun things than bills!!  The first wrapped package was obviously a book and I was thrilled to unwrap Meg Tilly's Gemma, which I won over at Find Your Next Book Here from Jenners!!  I love winning things probably because it doesn't happen very often.  Gemma's tale circles around child abuse/molestation issues so I know it will be a tough read but interesting.  I've enjoyed Meg Tilly's odd roles as an actrees so I look forward to reading her latest creation.  Thank You to Jenners for her latest giveaway!!

My second fun piece of mail was my Vegetarian Times-one of my favorite magazines.  I used to get quite a few magazines but found, sadly, they were often the last thing I would read and I would get months behind.  I seem to easily be drawn into Veggie Times' great articles and healthy ideas.  I found some amazingly tempting recipes like:  Garlic and Kale Soup, Red Pepper-Carrot Soup, Vegetable Korma and this one which made me think of a summertime farmer's market, Roasted Vegetable Linguine with Torn Fresh Basil.  (I thought I would be able to search VT's website to add in these delicious dishes but for some reason the website isn't searchable for the magazine's recipes???  that is a glitch!)  Sorry!

I was so happy to find these delightful items in the mailbox I forgot momentarily about my earlier goof.  I lost my phone for about 25 minutes and even made a trip back to where my last meeting took place to check the parking lot, to no avail!  Luckily, (fueled by my urgent, pleaful prayers) I found it between the seats in the Volvo, when I unbuckled to go pick up my daughter.  Yeah!!!  I hate losing things-so very frustrating-so I was near-tears-thankful to find it!! 
Other important items I read today: a great blog post about AR (accelerated reading) from TeacherNinjas and an email that says I was given a blog award from Natalie at This Purple Crayon.  Thanks Natalie!  I will have to dream up seven interesting things about myself to share as well as seek out candidates for my seven choices (accepting all manner of bribes)
How about you there-how was your day??

Happy Reading!!


Patricia J. Weaver said...

Let us know how you like the book. I won a book last month and it's fun even if you've already brought the book before you discover you won it. I just donated it to the local school library.

Jenners said...

Glad to be part of your good mail day!! I'm very interested to see what you think of Gemma!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pop in and welcome you to the 100+ & Support Your Local Library Reading Challenges. So glad you are joining!