Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Weekend!

I've had an eventful weekend again...

1. My new Dell Inspiron Laptop arrived and I am now writing my first post on it!
2.  Our washer/dryer purchase from last weekend fell through (back to dislike Home Depot-blech, blech)
3.  We ended up going to my first, but more expensive choice, Smitty's, the local and apparently far superior choice.
4.  Here's why:  they were upfront about delays from Maytag (backorder problems) and offered to get us a "loaner" washer while we wait for the washer to be delivered .  Yes, that is worth repeating...on Monday morning they will deliver, install a washer  (and take away old Kitchen-Aid washer) so we have one to use for the month it will take for the Maytag to be designed, made and then delivered!  There is a bit of a price difference, but hey, it is peace-of-mind that by Monday evening I will be able to do the piles and piles of laundry around my house (two weeks worth).
5. Peaceful Girl had ice skating lessons and 4-H meeting today-fun but no time to read for me.
6. I met with a local Yoga instructor to research yoga in our school idea -our wellness committee put me in charge of figuring out!
7. As I walked around rink, during skating lesson, I thought of Isometrics from reading Bill Bryson's Thunderbolt Kid-he discusses his dad's love of the 50's exercise program-it made me laugh quietly to myself.
8. The book makes me laugh and think but I'm so ready to be finished with it.
9.  Instead of reading it tonight I am heading downtown for a friend's birthday celebration.  Jazz, friends, cold beer-should be fun!
10. I love my new laptop and it is hard to leave 14-year-old will play with it while I'm gone.  I'm not giving him the password though:)

Happy Reading!!


  1. Oooohhhh...what fun! A new computer! And as much as I liked "Thunderbolt Kid," it wasn't my favorite Bryson. I like his travel books better ... and his books on the English language are terrific!

  2. The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid was my favorite Bryson book. I could so relate to it and had lots of good laughs in the process' he read the audio version --so funny.

    There is a lot to be said for "buying local". I like to try and support the average Joe in town.

  3. A new computor and new washer and dryer... WOW I'm sure your new computer has 7 on it ... how do you like it so far?

  4. My favorite Bryson book is the one about him walking the Appalachian Trail. That one has laugh out loud funny parts, plus I love the idea of walking that trail.

    I hope the yoga thing pans out for our school!

  5. A new computer is just so fun!


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