Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to you

     My son turns 15 tomorrow at 7:11 in the evening.  I drove myself to the hospital-this is something to brag about.  He's turned out to be a smart, handsome, and very humorous young man.  He is also a wiseacre and quite often too smart for his own good.  I am glad he is still curious about the world and he has his own unique outlook.  I whipped him up a homemade angel food cake for dessert tomorrow night.  He asks for the same cake every year and sometimes I've purchased it (really, really short on time) and sometimes I've made it from a box (just a little short on time)-a few times though I've made it from scratch and this year peaceful girl helped me out.  She was a little miffed that I didn't let her crack any of the twelve eggs but I explained that I needed each and every one of the egg whites to be separated just right from the yolk.  She helped with lots of other parts though and it is now successfully in the oven.  I still have to wrap a few of his gifts and then I will be reclining to finish Look Again.

     I still have to write about She's So Dead To Us by Kieran Scott and Little Bee by Chris Cleave.  I had a post composed in my mind about my experiences at the Reading Conference I attended last Friday-and I promise to get all those done.  Today my thoughts are focused on this almost monumental birthday celebration.  It is only almost monumental because 16 is hanging in the air so close I can feel it in my bones-that, and he reminds me of it frequently.  This child is in a hurry to drive and we differ on many topics but mostly this one.  It terrifies me to have my baby alone in the car driving off, me waving!  I say-Hell, No!!!  So somehow after tomorrow I have 365 days to get adjusted to that or convince him the laws have simply changed.  It will help ease my worries that it will be required of him to keep his GPA up in order to get said licence but you can see my fear. 
So tomorrow say a little prayer for me as we wish this little boy a very
 happy 15th year of life and as we cut that delicious angel food cake (dipping it into chocolate sauce)
I'll be wishing this year to slowly creep by, like the year of the turtle!