Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Operation Yes


     I picked this gem up from our fall Scholastic Book Fair and let it sit on a pile forever at home.  Spring Break rolled around and I thought to myself...perhaps I should read it before the next book fair is here.  Well, our book fair is here and I've finished the book.  I don't know why it takes me so long sometimes because this book was so much fun and easy to read.  It takes place at a military base school.  This isn't a topic I've given a lot of thought to but it makes you stop and ponder the stress level military kids must go through on a daily basis.  Parents missing for long stretches, moving frequently and constant activitity on the base and this book deals with all these issues in a very normal manner.  Planes fly overhead as kids plan activities around their parents hectic schedules-all part of daily life.

     Add in one incredible teacher though and life goes topsy-turvy. Ms. Loupe is an alumni of this particular base and has come back to teach instead of taking her place in the military as the rest of her entire family has done.  She's found her passion though as these kids love her and her magical lessons.  I started reading some of it to my sweet husband and his ears perked up "hey, she's teaching them the important points of improvisation!"  He was pretty excited.  Then later he gave it as a suggestion for teachers to use in teaching drama.  Ms. Loupe is all about the drama and she gets this otherwise bored kids to be exciting about school and learning again.  Suddenly kids don't want to be transferred out! 

     When Ms. Loupe's brother disappears in combat the students learn to work together, forming a createve and unique protest, with very positive results! 
Now that I have my book fair set up I've already found a few more gems like this one to add to my piles!

4/5 peaceful stars
Recommended for elementary fiction
and all drama teachers

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Janssen said...

Just picked this up from the library today! Can't wait to read it, since we bought a copy at the book fair too :)