Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baked Goods

    My family loves baked goods and I'm not talking about the kind you get at the big box bakery or even the small local bakery, although they do eat those if you put them within reach.  The kind of baked goods I'm referring to are the ones whipped up in our own kitchen.  My family feels "cheated" if there isn't something freshly baked.  I'm not even a pro at baking but they don't seem to mind, at all.

     The question every week is do I actually make them something sweet to eat or do I get by with a package of Matt's Cookies?  What do you do?  Do you bake, buy or completely abstain?

     Tonight I was in the process of making a long time family favorite, Alice Bachman's Chocolate Cake.  Yes, it has always been called that-even growing up-my mother made it and we always referred to it as Alice Bachman's CC.  Alice was a family friend and while I don't think she "invented" the cake she brought it to many potluck functions thus the cake became hers.  My older brother, Mike uses it for many of his own family celebrations.   I tend to just make it on a whim.  I do make it with as many organic ingredients as I can-a change from the original but it is not exactly "healthy"-it has two sticks of yummy butter.  Hmmm!  Good thing I have an active family!  Click on Alice to find the recipe.

Trader Joe's shopping spot.


Tina's Blog said...

I grew up in a house that always had something baked to eat - at least two dessert options. Now when I keep sweets around my husband always wonders why I keep baking these things - so not healthy, but so tasty!

Jenners said...

I don't bake much around here because NO ONE in our family has any self-control and we would eat it all in one day!!!