Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two days in...

and this is what I've accomplished:

1.  Watched my Netflix movie, The Holiday, which has been sitting around my DVD player for about 2 weeks.  The movie was okay but the highlight was Jude Law-he is seriously handsome albeit a bit of a cad.  Now I can send it back.  Our turnaround on Netflix movies is slow! 

2. Took my son for a short summer haircut.  He will be fishing and camping from late June through July and needed one good cut to get him through.  He'll still come back with his long curly locks framing his face. 

3. Got up early to do the mom thing with my daughter.  Generally, she is still sleeping when I leave for my school and her and dad struggle through breakfast, hair brushing, etc. on their own.  I feel extra special when I get to help.  This morning my husband and I biked her to school.  She still fits on the tandem bike so it takes only about 4 minutes to get to her school by bike!  (it's mostly downhill)  Today is her last day of school so I'm also going to have lunch with her for the last time as a second grader.  (tears dripping just a little)

4.  I've done tons of loads of laundry and after daughter left for school I putzed in her room, putting laundry away, making her bed, picking up a few toys-doing all the gentle things I imagine most stay-at-home moms do (but I'm sure they don't really as I know they have full agendas as well). 

5.  Here's the grossiest thing I did so far on my quest for a cleaner house-I cleaned out the bottom drawer of our freezer, which has had a fozen blueberry melty stuff all over it for quite a while-I don't want to get into specifics but it has been a year ago that the big storm knocked out our electrictity for 3 days and I'm just saying maybe...)  I know it makes me shudder to think I did not take the 10 minutes to get it up months ago but it wasn't hurting anyone:)

6.  My plan is also to write every day, not necessarily blogging but actually writing.  I did that yesterday and plan to do it today also.

7.  I have two books to finish and three posts to write and I'm participating this weekend in Mawbooks Bloggiesta festival to do some clean-up blog stuff!  I'm thrilled to participate in this event for the very first time.

8.  I made brownies for son's soccer banquet this evening.  The recipe is from my King Arthur cookbook.

Hurrah to summer for giving me the time to catch-up on my own life!!!
Now if I could manage to get up just a little earlier so I could start my early morning yoga routine again I would be completely happy!

and's your day shaping up?


Janssen said...

Oh, I cannot WAIT for summer.

Elaine said...

That is me exactly, the mess frozen to the freezer that sat there for a year, probably bugged you every time you opened the freezer, and only took 10 minutes to clean up, but it took a year to actually do it. I do that all the time. In the summer I take care of stuff like that and I always think WHY didn't I take care of this months ago? Priorities...