Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger HopJennifer at Crazy-for-Books hosts Book Blogger Hop, which allows for a fun
exploration of a vast variety of blogs.  I participated last week for the first time in a long while and was amazed, simple amazed at how many of us there are out there.   Hop on over to her blog and check out her expectations, link your website and then hop around and discover all sorts of new worthy new blogs! 

Today Jennifer asks about music while blogging.  I do love music and Pandora but I do not make a consciese effort to listen to  music while I blog as there is just all this family noise happening around me.  I should try it though-maybe it will add more zing to my mental state!

This week I'm going to do a better job of keeping track of my cool blog finds so I can share them next week with you.

If your'e here because of the hop let me know by commenting or following.  Please have fun exploring my blog and I'll be sure to visit you back!