Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eight-Year-Old Whirlwind Weekend

I'm exhausted!  It's been a memorable weekend celebrating my daughter's birthday.  I still can't believe how much she's grown-really!  I do take time to appreciate the small moments but no matter how much you hold them close they still grow up.  I know 8 is not grown up yet but it seems like yesterday I was holding that tiny thing above.  Happy Birthday to my peaceful sweet girl. 

Thank you to all those who entered my BlogFest Contest and became new followers.  I hope you will visit often and find all sorts of matter to engage your brain.  I will tally all entries and pick a winner-but tonight I have to go to bed.  Yesterday we had six little girls here celebrating, had a beautiful birthday dinner last night with my Mom and today did more celebrating after church.  My evening though has been taken up with lesson planning.  I used to get my plans done for the beginning of the week and see how it went for the rest of the week but now we are required to turn our plans into our principal before Monday.  This takes my lesson planning up a notch and requires more pre-planning on my part.  It's fine but it does require extra time on my weekend.

But the birthday girl was the main focus of the weekend; not the lesson planning or the BlogFest!  I didn't blog all weekend which means I didn't have the chance to enter any of the great giveaways offered on other blogfest sites!!  What with overnight guests and birthday cake making! I didn't even get to post a food-related post this weekend!
 I love my girl and am so happy to share in her celebration of life!! 
She went from being a 3 # premmie to a human being who put together her party gift bags-in the buff!  She is a free-spirit (where does she get that from, I wonder)