Monday, September 27, 2010

Laura Resau's Star in the Forest

149 pages, including pronunciation and glossary

     This book is a perfect gem for elementary students, especially at my elementary school.  Not every school population will relate to this story even though they could still take much from it's great characters and friendship theme. 


Zitlally's father has been deported and her mother, in order to earn enough to bring him back, works extra jobs and takes in boarders to their already cramped trailer.  While her family struggles Zitally escapes to the woods behind their trailer and finds a lonely and abandoned dog trailer park and puts all her energy into comforting the dog~which makes her feel closer to her father.  Because of the dog, Zitlally is befriended by Crystal, a girl from her class who also happens to live in the trailer park.  Her and Crystal's relationship to each other and through the act of taking care of Star is filled with kindness and true friendship. They accept each other and Star for what is real.

Random Quote:
Papa's favorite thing in the world is mushroom picking.  I don't remember too much from Xono, but I remember when he took me mushroom hunting.  It smelled like rain and mud, and the ground squished beneath our feet, and it was just me and him because Dalia didn't like walking very far.  (24)
    I can't wait to introduce this to students at Highland as we have a large Hispanic population and many of our students live in a one of two close trailer parks.  I think reading Star in the Forest will give students an instant connection to Zitlally and her family, no matter their background or where they live, because she is a very real and loveable character.

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