Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rocky Road Brownies

I did make the brownies.  They are delicious.  I groaned three times while eating my one little square.  I forget all the time to photograph my cooking but this time I snapped two pictures as we were dishing them up.  Here for your viewing delight...
They are yummy dense squares of chocolate delight.  I will make them again. My kids ate them even though they had pecans on them.  My daughter and I shared a second one quietly in the kitchen.  It's been a good day and now I'm going to bed, to read.  See last post for recipe. 


  1. OK, those brownies look way, way too good. Wonder where I could find some as my kitchen is packed away in boxes. :-)

  2. They look delicious ... learning how to cook is one of my goals in life (I can't boil water ... it's kind of a family joke), and the sight of these is a great motivation :-)

  3. These look delicious!! Marking this recipe to try one of these days! Yummo!! :)


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