Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yoga Community

     The yoga studio where I have participated in several events and taken classes had their one-year anniversary tonight and I was asked to be there as a yoga student and as a blogger-and it was so much fun.  I took my little Groovy Girl (as she is a little yogi) and we set up my laptop, a few yoga books and my cards.  We drank tea and visited with lots of current, former, and future yoga students.  I ran into a ton of people I hadn't seen in ages and met some new and interesting people.  I also met another local fellow blogger-Mariah, who writes about food at Green Swamp Soup.  We had a great time chatting about mutual interests in local foods, co-ops, and our meat-eating sons.  Groovy Girl and I were able to participate in an hour long yoga class, stretching and sharing a mat together as the studio was filled to the brim with happy do-ers.  It took me back to when she was just a wee thing, watching me do yoga at home and would climb on to my mat with me and bend in tandem.  Oh, my they grow so fast!

     I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to start yoga classes again next week.  I have a New Year's resolution to go for ten weeks.  I have another NY's resolution, which was to get to sleep closer to the 10:00 pm hour so I can wake up early, stretch and be prepared for my day.  Hmmm.  Here it is, 11:10-oops!    
 **** Another confesion...that is not me doing that amazing yoga pose above.  I know, you're shocked.