Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey, It's Franklin...

I just got this great little email announcing Franklin's debut into the ebook market.  I love Franklin just like I love Arthur.  I read and show Franklin DVD's in the library and sadly, many students are unfamiliar with this wonderful character.  This video clip shows author, Paulette Bourgeois and illustrator, Brenda Clark talking about their collaboration process.
Franklin, truly a 21st Century learning icon, can now be found on twitter. 


Lisa said...

I hate Franklin, and his furry counterpart Little Bear. Both of them find Scary! Things! in Scary! places! like their HOUSE! or the woods! or places I'd like to take my children but can't because something Scary! happened to Franklin. Doesn't matter if it's always resolved at the end to be the sink or the shadow of something innocent, all my kids remember is that Woods ARE Scary! Dark IS Scary! or whatever. I'd much rather take Dinosaur Train or SuperWHY or Bubble Guppies (looks freaky, but really very smart and educational and Noah actually LOVES it).

ANnnnnnd there's my novel on the subject.

TheBookGirl said...

My daughter and I used to read the Franklin books; she liked them, but she loved the Arthur books. I was always searching for the latest one in the library, and she had both the Arthur and D.W. dolls