Monday, July 11, 2011

Imaginary Friends

As my Groovy Girl emerges as a stronger chapter book reader we pick out less and less from the picture book section of the library.  Luckily, she is her mama's girl 'cuz last week at the library she went right to the NEW section and picked out a bag's worth of books.

Here's the catch though; she no longer wants me to read her picture books (it's degrading somehow?) so she reads them and pulls the ones she thinks are "peaceful reader"-worthy!

Here are her first three picks:

Erica S. Perl; Julia Denos
Little Ida, who wears the cutest outfits to school, takes her space lunch box and her best/beast friend, Dotty.   Dotty is a large cow-like creature with big pinkish-red polka-dots led by a blue string.  Others in the classroom have imaginary friend animals with them as well but as the school days progress these students start leaving their "pets" at home.  Ida can't give up her friend Dotty and Dotty won't let Ida give her up either.  Just as Ida's about to lose faith she finds out a very special secret about her teacher, Ms. Raymond!   Dotty would make a wonderful read-aloud to students at school or home.  Extra points for the polka-dot end papers!

Liz Rosenberg; Julie Downing
"When George awoke early one Sunday morning, Nobody was up and about."  This simple play on words will have children smiling as George and Nobody make a mess here and there around the house as they make a very funny "feast" in the kitchen.  George's parents wake up and he acknowledges that "nobody" has been at work helping him.  Cute illustrations that will help kids understand this funny word twist.

Everything but the Horse;
A Childhood Memory by
Love this book.  Love her illustrations.  Sweet Holly recounts how her parents purchase a run-down old farmhouse and how exciting it was to live there with a wild array of animals.  She envies the older neighbor girls as they ride their horses down the gravel lane.  Holly creates an imaginary horse friend to share the barn.  When her birthday rolls around her mom tells her to run to the barn to find her gift, which she is able to ride right out of the barn!  Great memories and one that will have girls panting for their own ponies.

What picture books have caught your eye this week?


Tina's Blog said...

Everything But the Horse has been a favorite at our house. I have the school copy at home for the summer so we can read and re-read to our heart's content!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I love those Holly Hobby books!! My youngest has expressed an interest in re-reading the Harry Potter series with me. My two oldest daughters and I read them together as they were published. Reagan, of course, has never read them...she's only 7 but I'm excited about the prospect of seeing the books through fresh eyes. :) I'm not ready for her to give up picture books yet though :(