Saturday, July 9, 2011

I've been to the market...

(Beet Greens, Broccoli, basil leaves and Kale peeking
 out of my pink market basket)
and at the market I smelled in the beautiful earthy smells of vegetables and dirt.  I watched loads of smiling people swirl around all the market stands, picking and choosing food for the week.  I love to listen to the questions others ask; "what is this?", "what do I do with this?", and "how do I cook this?"   I listen to the farmer's answers, learning myself and sometimes I answer...I love the sense of community a farmer's market creates. 

Myself, I picked a bouquet of kale, a bundle of beets, a small forest of "trees" (broccoli, in our family), and a bag of basil.  I plan to roast the beets and steam the head of broccoli for a nice veggie dinner tonight.  We also have okra growing in our own garden and I will use my mother-in-law's recipe for okra mixed with potato to add to our meal. 

I look forward to paging through some of my recipe books to figure out something new to do with these beautiful kale leaves.  I've yet to hit upon a stunning recipe for this healthy vegetable.  Any suggestions?

I do have basil growing in our garden but it is not at the BIG leaf stage, which is just how I like it sprinkled on my pasta, sandwich or grains.  We planted late after our vacation and I hope to have basil well into September when I can heap it into the food processor and make jars and bags of pesto to help me through the winter season.

What's selling at your local market?  Have you been yet?  I encourage everyone to find their local Farmer's Market and shop their at least once a week.  There's a handy website to locate a market near you:  Local Harvest offers lots of information.

This post is linked to Beth Fish Reads Weekend Cooking meme.  Anyone with a food-related post can play along; click on her link to see her review of Gloria Whelan's book, The Boy Who Wanted To Cook.


TheBookGirl said...

I love going to the farmer's market...ours has lots of varities of lettuce and beets. This week they had carrots, radishes, and chard that also looked great.

bermudaonion said...

We haven't been to the market since we got back into town, but the "pick your own" peach place is open now. Yummy!

caite said...

I did not plant a garden this year...and most of all I miss my herbs, my basil and oregano and all.
And then the tomatoes soon...and the squash and eggplant.
Oh well, need to visit a farmers market!

Beth F said...

I've been going to the market weekly since it moved outdoors in May. Yumm. I belong to a CSA and pick up at the market, so I can fill in with extras. I had beets, cabbage, collards, lettuce, kolrabi, squash and more. Yummm. I grow herbs but nothing else -- it's too shady in my yard.

Joy Weese Moll said...

I grow kale, so we have lots. Most of the time I stir-fry it with chard and chicken and a peanut sauce. Sometimes, I'll stir it in at the last couple of minutes of a veggie and pasta dish. The tiniest leaves are also good in salads with a sweet dressing to counter the bitterness.

Golden Eagle said...

I've never eaten kale--although it sounds like something that would be interesting to try, sometime!

We haven't been to the Farmers' Market yet. Thanks for the link!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

There is a little farm market that sets up every Tuesday outside where I work. I need to venture down there and explore. :)