Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Cooking; An Easy Green Product to Love

Every Saturday morning this summer my husband has been getting up at the crack of dawn to load up his van and goods from our kitchen to sell at our local farmer's market.  He is steadfast and hardworking. We aren't farmers though and the only reason he chose to do this is to do something with his church youth group-it was a way to earn money for their mission trip to W. VA.  Half way through the summer they had enough so each teen could go on the trip and their original fee was waived.  The market kept going though and now the earnings are just getting the youth group fun back in the green.

Handsome husband, Groovy Girl and youth group + customer
My husband learned last Spring how to grow a variety of different sprouts and those have sold well at the market.  I started making about 4-5 loaves of my Simple Pot Bread every week and they usually all sold.  When I first started experimenting with making multiple loaves I didn't like wasting the saran wrap the recipe called for to cover the rising bread.  I tried using parchment paper and some rubber bands (FAIL-the rubber bands kept snapping off) and ended up in the grocery aisle searching for a solution. 

I found a funny looking product by Cover Mate; Stretch to Fit Food Covers.  They look like clear plastic shower caps!!  They work perfectly to cover bowls of dough, allowing it to rise and then I can use it again and again and again!  I dislike throwing things away and I love it when I find a positive solution. 

Weekend Cooking is sponsored by Beth Fish Reads.  Click to her link to find many more food-related posts.   She has a chicken wing recipe that my husband would love-maybe I should make it for him for all those early Saturday mornings he left me snoozing while he tip-toed out and to the market!

Have a peaceful week!