Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Whirlwind Celebration

The birthday week started off with a matching sleep outfit for Groovy Girl and her matching A.G. doll.  She was so excited about this gift she put her pajamas on at 6:30 in the evening!!  Who would know that was the trick for an early bedtime!

Her actual birthday morning started with homemade waffles, warm maple syrup and fresh whipped cream!  Don't bother looking at the messy kitchen table--it's an active week with no time for clearing off the table.  To the right you can see the magical bonsai tree my handsome husband gave me for my August birthday.  I'm happy to say the bonsai is doing well.  I haven't killed it off yet.

Here she is on her way to her afternoon piano lessons on her birthday-I just like the outfit and her smile shows she's had a fabulous day.  Sharing Matt's Cookies at school with her classmates was one highlight for her!  She is a girl on the go!  This weekend she goes back to ice skating class and she wants to try a new gymnastics studio.  

When I look at my big 9-year-old what I really see is this baby girl.  She came into this world as a 3-lb fairy doll, barely filling out her preemie wardrobe and now she is the whirlwind above.  Life truly is a blessing.