Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had a cozy day hanging out today. Even though we hoped to be all done with our shopping we still had a few things to finish up.  My husband and I went out to look at a local appliance store which turned out to be closed so we continued on to get guinea pig food and a few other last minute gifts.  While we were driving around with NPR on the radio David Sedaris read to us from his Santaland Diaries.

So there we are driving around, concerned with our day but laughing our troubles away as Sedaris' recounts his brief (and hysterical) stint as an elf at Macy's.  I can't get it to load on my computer for some reason or I'd have it here for you to listen to but the link is here if get the chance to listen.  It was just what we needed.  And right before that we heard Neil Gaiman on Wait, Wait don't tell me.  Love public radio!

Why, you ask, were we searching out an appliance store on Christmas Eve day?  I know your curious...
The beautiful Sub-Zero that came with our old house died a sad and pitiful death two days ago.  Now if it was a snowy Christmas we could use the outdoors to store our holiday groceries but that is not the case here-it has been balmy!  No snow.  Luckily our friend, Jason, saved us by bringing over his garage fridge and we are using that for the next month or so until we can research the best refrigerator for our galley kitchen.  Thank you Jason!!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday however you celebrate-celebrate in style!
Merry Christmas to all!