Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gordon Korman author visit

He's here for our very own Cedar Valley's Youth Read.  He signed Schooled for me and I spoke with him for about one minute.  I generally get tongue-tied but I managed to tell him that my school book club students loved hearing his story about how he sent his first book in to the Scholastic Book Order address-he was in 7th grade at the time!   This story made him very human and less celebrity-like.

What I wanted to tell Mr. Korman was how much I love his book Schooled.  I admire the main character Capricorn  and wonder how Korman created such a wonderful hippie boy.  The story has such great themes about bullying, friendship, and being yourself that I want to share the book with everyone.  I think many of his other books are interesting also but Schooled has a very special place in my reader's heart.  Perhaps because I think Capricorn would appreciate a blog like mine just as much as I appreciate his unique upbringing on the commune.  I'm so happy Korman agreed to do this year's student workshops.  It was great to shake his hand.

Check out Gordon Korman's website and blog.

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