Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Cooking; The breakfast meal that requires no cooking!

Everybody has their favorite bowls

Cereal.  We love it at our house.  Big huge crunchy bowls of it.  We eat ours a bit differently than others do.  This odd practice of ours has even raised eyebrows from friends and family members from afar.

We mix our cereal-Lord, yes, we do!  In one bowl, we add a base such as Cheerios, Corn or Rice Chex (gluten-free) and then we build up from there.  A touch of granola or flax to the top, a generous sprinkle of raisins or dried cranberries to the top, pour Hansen's healthy milk over the top and it is one big bowl of happiness.

We are also pretty particular about what boxes are welcomed into the cereal cupboard.  This was the first food our children learned to read the label on. My husband only let them choose cereals with a sugar content  no higher than 10-12 grams per one cup.   Not the 3/4 cup size even.

We're not the cereal police, really-we just wanted them to have a healthy breakfast.  My husband is the one who masterminded the cereal mix and all of our children stick to it.  They've been reading cereal labels since they were little-it comes naturally.

Our favorite brands:

1. Mom's Best Naturals; Sweetened Wheat-fuls, Mallow Oats are the favorites. (there is that pseudo word "natural" but from everything I can tell this brand is true to it)

2. Cascadian Farms; Chocolate O's, Cinnamon Crunch

3. Kashi; Go Lean Crunch.  My husband and I love this sprinkled on top.  It is similar to granola and adds a good crunch.

Other brands we eat:
Cheerios, Chex, Wheaties, Rice Krispies, Kix, and Life.  Cereal is expensive and this mix-it-up method makes the expensive organic brands last longer because you're just using a sprinkle of it ever day.

We generally buy organic raisins from the bins.

How do you like your cereal?  What is your favorite brand?
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