Saturday, September 29, 2012

Edward Tulane!

I love how Edward looks-Groovy Girl does not like to look at these
 beautiful illustrations while we read.  It is all in the imagination for her.
I've had a writer's crush on Kate DiCamillo for years. I loved Winn-Dixie first, then fell head-over-heals with The Tale of Despereaux, understood both Tiger's Rising and The Magician's Elephant more than most people and now I've swooned over The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane! Groovy Girl and I finished reading it tonight and were thrilled by Edward's crazy long journey!

The quote that stuck to us:
"I am done with being loved," Edward told her. "I'm done with loving. It's too painful."
"Pish," said the old doll. "Where is your courage?"
"Somewhere else, I guess," said Edward.
"You disappoint me," she said. "You disappoint me greatly. If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless.  You might as well leap from this shelf right now and let yourself shatter into a million pieces.  Get it over with.  Get it all over with now."
"I would leap if I was able," said Edward.
"Shall I push you?" said the old doll.
"No thank you," Edward said to her.  (189)
Okay, I know this quote shares the true meaning of this tale which makes it a spoiler but one I had to pass on anyway. I specifically marvel at the line "where is  your courage?"  If you've read it, you know it and if not, hopefully it will spur you to read it.
 Buy it for a young friend for the holidays!

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