Monday, September 3, 2012

Four days into September already...My challenge.

I've planned this for awhile and can't believe we are four days into the month!  Thanks to Zoe at Little, Brown and Company I receive several beautiful packages a month of ARC's. Thank you Zoe for keeping me on this list! Sometime at the end of the school year I started to get really behind on reading these lovely new books.  Time to change that.

I'm dedicating September to reading as many ARC's from this pile as I can and reviewing them.  I still have a half-done review of The Queen of Kentucky by Alecia Whitaker to finish and share. While this stack of books is not cluttering my house per se it does clutter my conscience.  Time to get many of them read and spread the word.  I started reading Ask the passengers by A.S. King yesterday and I love it.

My friend Tina might join me in reading a few of her stacked-up ARC's also.  If you have a small or large stack of Advanced Readers maybe you want to join us as well.

I'm not going to set a number and set myself up for failure but I'd like to read at least this stack and review them before them become dusty antiques in the corner.

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