Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ahhh, the bookstores...{NYC}

Of course we ventured into a few bookstores in the city and bought a couple a books but mostly we just loved the comfort zone of books surrounding us.

{G.G. @TheStrand}

The Strand;  Oldest daughter spent last summer in NYC working as an intern and loved pretty much everything about being a New Yorker.  Her favorite book shop was this one.  Groovy Girl and I met up in the children's section and picked up the exact same picture book, read it, set it down minutes from each other and laughed about it when we realized we'd been reading the same book.  I ended up buying the picture book as this was a pretty significant moment and later in life or even tomorrow I can look at this picture book, Tallulah's Tutu by Marilyn Singer, and remember that we had this "in sync" moment.

Shakespeare and Co.:  Big Daddy saw this bookstore just two blocks away from The Strand and we ducked in to see what we could see.  It might have been a quick {ish} stop if he hadn't found the downstairs script area.  I think he bought about 8 plays to review for this coming year.  They had a lovely selection of children's book as well and we loved just browsing.  

{G.G. @Shakespeare&Co.}

We could have spent hours at both bookstores just for the respite in-between walking.  I'd wanted to find Books of Wonder but we never made it there, which means there must be another trip.

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JoAnn said...

Those two stores were my first (and still favorite) NYC discoveries. My oldest daughter interned in NYC for a couple of summers during college and lived in NYU housing... we had such fun exploring the area!