Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life is one big emotional roller coaster...

We've been back from our big East Coast trek just two days and now it is time for College Boy to head to the mountains to live!  I've never experienced this horrible emotion of feeling like my time to fill him up with knowledge is over and he's now going to be out there on his own, hopefully putting all that he's picked up to use.

Time flies while you are making dinner, cleaning the house, wiping noses, and working.  Oh, there's been plenty of laughter along the way.  It makes me think a little of playing with play-doh; you're having fun as you mold and shape this intricate human being and then after you look back and think "Hey, he's turning out pretty good!"-he packs his car up and waves good-bye.

Tomorrow is actually when he drives away.  After I have breakfast with him I am going to toddle off to a meeting and try not to cry.  Today he's spent time seeing friends and packing.  I bought him a Garmin GPS. It eases my mind to know that something will be there to help him find his way in my absence.  It's a small consolation.  It's his first road trip on his own and we had to talk him into stopping half way across Nebraska, sleeping in a comfortable hotel, before continuing the journey. His young and determined spirit was thinking it would be much better to drive from Iowa to Colorado all in one stretch.  I'm thankful he listened to us (?) and agreed to stay overnight.  As someone who's made that trek quite a few times I know it can make you stir crazy and sleepy.

I've packed up a box of supplies (toothpaste, yes), some of his favorite foods (crunchy peanut butter, yes) and am in the process of making some dynamite chocolate chip cookies for the road.  He laughed at me when I told him I had a supply box for him-I don't think he's laughing any more!

It's going to feel very strange not having him here.  He makes me laugh and he is easy to converse with on a wide array of topics.  Bless him as he travels and as he settles into his new Colorado life.  He's been waiting 15 years to get back there.


Lisa said...

Oh man, big hugs to you. I hope the day went well and his journey is safely underway. I can't bear to think of mine growing up, even when they make me crazy.

Beth F said...

Ahhh -- yes it's so hard.