Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Cooking; Working it all in.

We are still consumed with Junie B. rehearsals with only a week to go before opening night.  In order to try to fit so much into the week we've actually eaten out twice.  My tribe loves Jimmy John's and on Thursday we ate there and another night we ate at the deli at our local grocery store so I could fit in a little grocery shopping. I love Jimmy John's but am overwhelmed by the loaf of french bread it is served on until I discovered their lettuce wraps; now I just get a #6 (vegetarian) as a wrap and am happy.

I'm not a fan of the deli food either so I got a small package of sushi from the cooler + a cup of broccoli soup and again I was happy.  Two times of eating out for us though is a lot so Saturday I took the time to really make a meal again.  Six sweet potatoes resting on my counter inspired me to recreate the black bean and sweet potatoes burritos I've made in the past except I already had a refried bean mixture from earlier in the week when I made a quick meal of quesadillas.  I reused that instead of the black bean mixture and it worked just fine.  Served with a fresh green salad it was a perfect meal for the three of us.

This past week my husband made pudding for dessert and Groovy Girl loved it and wanted more. He'd made his from a box but I wanted to make it from scratch (typical me).  I used the recipe below and it went together nice and easy but then it did not set up. Arghh. It's still in the refrigerator like chocolate milk in fancy parfait glasses.  Hmmmm.  What went wrong?

Chocolate pudding recipe.
Sweet potato burritos.

Groovy Girl loves calzones and wants to take them in her school lunch.  We are going to experiment with making them this week (probably next). Does anyone have a great recipe?  I found a few but she doesn't want it to fancy; just tomatoes, sauce, and black olives.  I might be able to sneak a little spinach into the sauce.  Calzone recipe; they all have meat in them and many start with purchased dough.  We want to make the dough.  I think I will just experiment with my pizza dough recipe and stuff it with what she likes.  I also want them to be medium sized as I think that's all she has time to finish.

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In reading news I just finished The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman (enjoyed it!) and I'm trying to think of what to take to our book club buffet that would be Australian-inspired food. The book doesn't mention much about food to help me out.


Beth F said...

I just use my pizza dough for calzones. You can stuff the calzone with anything and make them any size.

Laurie C said...

Can't help with the Australian-inspired recipes, but I've had the same trouble with puddings and custards. I think it has to do with cooking with cornstarch. If you miss the right moment when it has thickened as much as it's going to and keep cooking it, it thins out again and never thickens back up. If you found yourself cooking and stirring longer than you expected, maybe this is what happened?