Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Birthday gifts that keep on giving!

My birthday is way past (still in the same month at least!) and I wanted to (share) brag about two fantastic gifts I received.

My husband and Groovy Girl gave me a NutriBullet  because I'd been pricing them myself.  I've had a Juiceman juicer for years and years but lost interest because it was a mess to clean up and all the fiber ended up in bucket.  The juice was good but not enough to keep me interested and so it was collecting dust.  I recently gave it away in a flurry of cleansing.  Oh it felt so good.  The NutriBullet is the answer to the lost fiber and I love it.  I'm trying to take off the 10 lbs I've added to my small frame over the last few menopausal years and juicing jump starts my morning.  I've followed a few recipes but mainly just throw a few slices of fruit, leafy greens, nuts, Chia seeds, and a dollop of yogurt or water.  Yum.  It's not always pretty but they taste great.

The second cool gift I received is a FitBit Flex from my amazing in-laws.  I love them and they always get me something wonderful.  I didn't know much about FitBits before but I'm addicted now.  I love logging my food, water, and workouts. I like the sleep part also but can't get that to always work.  I am freaking amazed at how many steps I take in one day plus it makes me walk more than I normally would just by sitting on my wrist.  It is the extra thing that pushes me onward.  Thank you Phyllis and Allen!

I did get many other amazing gift - these two are just the ones that are helping me health-wise.  Oh and the sound recording of my friend Barb's yoga guru who is both meditative and thrilling.  My mom got me a colorful bag and a lovely scarf that I wear a lot and my friend Verda sent me Flair pens to start off my school year right.

I'm blessed ten times over and am personally thrilled every time I have a new birthday.  As my stepfather says "it's better than the alternative."

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