Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are you watching the Oscars?

We are and we had friends over to share the night with and it's fun to watch with others as we "judge" dresses, hairstyles, and handsome guys!  Neil Patrick Harris is doing a fantastic job of hosting-perfect amount of dry wit and silliness/underwear.

I was up early this morning making dough for homemade pizzas, cut up veggies, cheeses and cooked good Italian sausage + more to enjoy.  Our friends brought salad, chocolates, wine, and beer.  We filled out Oscar ballots and had fun watching everyone stroll down the red carpet in the rain.

This event is part of my NY's resolution to have a new person over for dinner once a month and two months out I'm still going strong.  This was a little bit more stressful event though as my husband had a play open last night, my stepmother was an overnight guest last night, and my amazing in-laws are arriving this week plus I've had a lot of balls in the air at work.  We pulled it off though and I'm pretty sure everyone had fun.

My reason for making this a resolution; I worry about the cleanliness of my house.  I don't like to clean house.  Why would I want to dust when I can be reading?  I do love to cook though so I made a promise to worry more about what I could make for people instead of where dust bunnies are hiding. The pizza was a hit and nobody mentioned any dust.  This is now my measure of success.

Also we made this kickass batch of mint fudge.  It was delicious and we made a double batch (super smart) so we can share it with our incoming guests.

Our Oscar comments feed:

What's with so many red dresses?

What up with Lady Gaga gloves?

The Lego movie rocks!

Lots of  hair that really looks a lot like "bed hair"

So happy that Patricia Arquette won! And her speech was wonderful.

Reese and Anna Kendell looked fantastic.

Felicity Jones looked great.

Scarlett: amazing dress shade!

Mmmm. John Legend.

We all agreed we would like a Lego Oscar statue....

Thank you. That's it. Good night.

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Belle Wong said...

Sounds like such fun! I always like having people over because the place actually gets somewhat clean beforehand and (fingers crossed) stays that way for a few days after.