Saturday, February 14, 2015

Time flies...

It seems absurd to me that I've not written since the beginning of the month.  I feel like I'm in the middle of about a hundred projects both at school and home.

And so quickly two weeks sped by...

I've been reading A prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving and it is taking me forever.  I'm enjoying the story and I've read other Irving titles yet I can't help but feel I'd like to cross out a couple of hundred words for him.  Excellent story though and I constantly feel a little anxious worrying about Owen.

I've been reading it seriously since the beginning of the month which is making me feel a bit book-backed up.  I have a 6th grade group reading Prodigy by Marie Lu and I've fallen way behind them. Two students have already finished and I'm on, like, the 3rd chapter.  What kind of discussion leader will I be?  Hmm.

I also finally got a new copy of The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen that I'm anxious to get back to and finish. {If you're wondering why that's important read here } I have three books I need to read and be ready to discuss with two friends in Arkansas by the time Spring Break rolls around. I have quite a few still checked out from the library and even more recently downloaded from Net Galley.  I also need to read Ghosts of Graylock to see if it is too scary for some of our students.    See what I mean by book-swamped!  I can see the headline: Librarian found buried alive under mountain of her own books!

Reading is not a chore; it's one of my greatest pleasures.  I just need more real time to do it in.  I'm grateful for the books that surround me, the stories they share with me, and the true joy it brings me to discuss books with kids and adults alike.  The laundry and recycling will just have to wait.  I'll be spending my day with Owen.

I hope you find time for all your favorite pleasures on Valentine's Day!

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