Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A trip to the bakery

My friend, Barb and her family, own a bakery in Indiana and for the last 2 years Groovy Girl and I have traveled the 5 1/2 hours east to visit her and work in the bakery.  Her uncle owns a strawberry farm and the bakery is attached. It's hard to figure out which draws more; the bakery or the u-pick farm and garden center.

It's strawberry season and this past weekend it was strawberry fest on the farm.  They were super busy which in turn makes the bakery busy. As we worked in the back making strawberry donuts and buckwheat pancakes with strawberry syrup we could see the line wind several times through the store and out into the parking lot.  It was crazy!

It's a serious working vacation.  I get to spend time with my friends and help at the same time.  The only time they are not busy is late December, January, and February, right when I'm in school so we make this work. And my back can tell you I worked really hard this week.  I made batch after batch of steamy donuts; measuring out and weighing the ingredients, mixing it, pouring it into the donut hopper so it can drop perfectly into the hot grease where it is a perfect circle of dough.  It makes its way down the small converyer belt; frying and turning to create a golden orb (with the ever important hole) and then tossed into a bowl of sugar and laid out on a tray to be sold.  I made trays, and trays, and trays + +.

I now dream about making donuts. Last year I didn't make quite as many and we were not here for as long.  I'm also a year older and I didn't sleep well this week; I woke up this morning with a terrible pain in my lower back.  Barb and I did about 45 minutes of yoga; deep stretching with modifications for my back and my heart. She's a trained yoga instructor as well. I don't know how she does it all! We did kayak which is one of my favorite things to do but it's been off/on rainy for days and our kayak venture was cut very short.

We did prepare delicious dinners together as well but that is another blog post.  If you get a chance to stop in Hobart, IN be sure to stop by Marilyn's Bakery (her mother started the bakery in 1986). You won't be disappointed and if it happens to be strawberry season you might just glimpse me in the back pouring and dipping donuts.  I need a vacation to help me recover from this intense working...vacation?!

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