Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weekly Recipes 5

I've been pretty low maintainance on making actual recipes this week as most of my family is out of town.  Teenage Boy and I have had the week to ourselves and it has been lovely.  We've watched a few movies together.  I've watched a binge-worth of Parenthood and I am finally on season 4.  Yeah for Jasmine and Crosby! A little worried about new adoptee Victor.  My son thought it best if I turned it off as I was cleaning and watching like my 7th episode, tears running down my face. Pitiful.

The son and I also went thrifting this week.  We both found clothing items we liked and while he continued to browse I headed to the book section.  I found several fiction titles I was mildly interested in but not enough to add to my already huge piles at home but as I kept browsing my treasure came to me: a Jamie Oliver hardcover cookbook.  I have a foodie crush on Jamie and I love a good revolution.  This book is one of his first though and tackles easy-to-prepare recipes.  I've not made one yet but I've loved reading through the pages and listening to his stories.

I'm thankful for this week with my son.  It's been a blessing and I've also tackled mounds of clutter.  I did make time to visit with friends yesterday and Kay made a rhubarb Prosecco cocktail that was perfect.  I don't have her recipe YET.

I also experimented with some bread again.  I wanted something yeasty and quick.  This 5-minute Artisan bread did not take long to put together but it didn't rise quickly.  I gave it some time. Meditated over it and kneaded it again.  I love the way the dough feels in my hand; it's very calming.  I baked it around 11 pm (late for me), went to bed after I took the steamy loaves out of the oven.  The smell drove me crazy while I was desperately trying to get to sleep.  I gave up and went down stairs and cut myself two slices-luckily it was still steamy. Amazing.


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Love the idea of 5-minute bread. I feel very happy when I knead bread. Off now to take a close look at the recipe!

Carole said...

Go Jamie! Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

Joy said...

I have to schedule a snack for the time when I know my bread will be done. It's useless to pretend that I won't eat some!

Joy's Book Blog

Beth F said...

Sounds like an awesome week. And what a super find at the thrift store. I had to laugh about how you got up to eat some warm bread. I probably would have too!

Laurie C said...

Hope you'll share the cocktail recipe when you get it!