Monday, September 14, 2015


Groovy Girl turned 13 over the weekend. We celebrated in style and had fun on Friday afternoon with a camping-themed sleepover.

We put up our Coleman tent, ordered pizzas, set out pink lemonade, and most importantly cleaned up after the dogs all over the backyard.  Fun stuff.
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Four girls arrived sleeping bags and pillows in hand. Groovy Girl and I had mapped out a tentative schedule and she requested that we basically stay away.  Funny.

So I ordered and retrieved the pizza from our favorite $5 pizza joint down the hill.  I took three pizzas to the backyard for the girls and took one inside for the adults (me and two friends).  And then really they didn't ever need me again.  At one point they used some manly help from dad to set up a projector but beyond that we had our own little happy birthday celebration inside.

After all the birthday parties we've hosted for that girl over the years it is funny to be asked to step aside.  I get it though; she wants to be able to relax with her friends and talk about stuff.  And the stuff they talk about is going to get deeper.  I'm cool with it as long as she continues to talk to me about the big stuff.

They slept all the way through the night in the tent, fairly cuddled together to keep warm.  We had cinnamon rolls and watermelon for breakfast.  As I wandered into the backyard in the morning before they know I was there I overheard them talking about hashtags-what was that hashtag we made up last night?  These are mine: #successfulbirthday #13yearsold and #biglove

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