Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Crazy day

Some days are just blow-your-mind crazy busy. Take today for example:

1. I had a full day of classes, my busiest day with seven classes. 

2. Lunch time was filled with helping 5 3rd grade students with assessments on the computers-they are less experienced with logging in so it took them longer.

3. After lunch had a fellow teacher-librarian come over to fulfill time, to achieve balance within our district. She works at a school with low enrollment.

4. Worked until 5 trying to finish a school project.

5. After school: ate a quick dinner, a leftover veggie burger from yesterday's BBQ with friends. 

6. School board vote: went to city hall and voted for new and positive peeps. 

7. Quick stop at public library: I had to renew a stack of books and had trouble getting it done on line.

8. 6:30 PTA meeting at school where I am part of several committees and we needed to vote in several new officers.

9. 7:00 religious education meeting at church-I was 25 minutes late but glad to be there. My friend Kathleen took over my husband's job and it was a great start for her position. 

10.  Grocery store stop: G.G. Birthday week and we needed COOL cupcake liners. 

11. Home by 8:30 and We made 30 + chocolate cakes for cheer squad and birthday friends on Friday. 

12. 11:00 and I'm still up waiting for last batch to come out of the oven. I'd be feeling pretty good right now (although sleepy) if they were coming out better. I overfilled cups and they are not pretty. Hopefully frosting will help them tomorrow.

And how was your day...?

I did stand at the kitchen counter and eat 1/2 a container of my favorite Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt raspberry/chocolate chunk. 

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