Friday, March 3, 2023


I had a 60-min massage last Saturday and it was wonderful!  I booked it at the beginning of the month just as a little love-myself treat for February and I'm so glad I followed through. It was cold in the morning but the sun was out. I bundled up in a comfy sweater and my favorite pair of joggers because you need to be comfortable and warm before and after. I also lugged my water bottle with me.  The last massage I had was soon after surgery but because of my incision it was more like a massage for a pregnant person. I was excited to return for a more regular experience. Treating myself to this is a big deal and one I appreciate. My friend Greg at Prairie Yogi Massage is worth it - because of his yoga experience he knows a lot about the body and he moved my limbs around a lot to help stretch areas that he worked on. I plan to try to go every few months to help stay in tune. 

My commitment to treating myself  well also falls under my love for yoga and healthy eating. I want to grow older gracefully. I always want to be able to sit on the floor, get back up, to touch my toes, and to take long walks. I don’t necessarily do yoga as exercise but more to keep flexibility. 

I'm adding more vitamins to my morning regiment and took my stepmother's suggestion to try this Lions Mane mushroom extract supplement to help with my memory. Some days I feel like I still have surgery brain when I call a student by the wrong name or can't remember the name of something but surgery was 9 months ago so I think it is more than that.  

Right now we need to take care of ourselves to take care of each other. We have a long winding road ahead of us.  The state of IA, and many other states, want to take away my ability to do my job as a teacher-librarian. They want to let a group of concerned parents choose the books. And that’s just one issue; we have so many others being debated. I'm worried, yes, but in a world trying to remove our wings I am making sure to be ready for anything.  I need self care more than ever as a woman, as an educator, as a human alive at this time. 

Do what makes you feel healthy and whole: fresh flowers, dessert, therapy, more time with friends, outside in nature, and be ready for the storm that’s coming. 

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kay&rich said...

Amen to all of that! ALL of it! We have to do what we can to make this journey long and enjoyable.
**And I want to hear more about the mushroom extract (in case I forget to ask you the next time I see you).