Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I missed writing a post yesterday even though I challenged myself to do it every day in November but...yesterday was Thanksgiving and I was busy with family events all day.  We are at my mother's home in the woods and she not only does not have wireless but her one computer is in the basement away from all social flurry.  If I had escaped to the basement to blog it would have meant abandoning the family. 
I did
1. Help my mother cook.
2. Play with my children and 2 cute nephews.
3. Drink wine.
4. Take a lovely walk with sibling, husband, sister-in-law, various children and bouncy dog.
5. Eat pumpkin pie smothered in homemade whip cream.
6. Read and knit a little.
7. Dishes.
8. Smile a lot!!

What I did not do! 
Today I
1. Took an early morning walk.
2. Watched an excessive amount of Wii played by children and men.
3. Cooked some more.
4. Did more dishes.
5. Counted my blessings.
6. Drank  a little more wine.
7. Really relaxed.
8. Did some Wii bowling with Everyone before brother took the wii game away!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and happy no shopping day!!
p.s. as an older sister I adore watching my youngest brother parent-it brings great joy to my life to see what an incredibly good and relaxed parent he is to his two active sons.  Does anybody else experience this joy with their siblings?
Be Peaceful~

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