Monday, November 9, 2009

Liar by Justine Larbalestier

Micah is one of the strongest characters I've ever met in a book.  In Liar she explains her life in before and after segments; before Zach died and after Zach died. Zach is the boyfriend killed in an extreme and mysterious manner; the catalyst to help us meet Micah.  It seems easier as a grieving person to remember the before as amazing and the after as without reason.  There is a second major part to this brutal tale but I'm not going to tell it here because its just worth it to read it and find out the mystery yourself.  Zach's death is enough of a crisis to deal with for most.  Add that to the fact Micah lies, lies, lies-she doesn't know how to not lie but it's a defense mechanism;  a way to keep alive and sane. She keeps thinking she wants to stop lying as if it is something she has chosen but she really has no choice but to continue to spin lies!!  The love story between Zach and Micah is deep and I loved reading their together moments:

"He brushed his lips gently along my cheek.  I didn't move.  The shock of it froze me.  Why had he done that?  He'd never looked at me that way.  He'd never really looked at me any kind of way.
His lips were dry and warm.  No other part of us touched.  Blood moved faster through my veins and capillaries.  Without willing them to, my lips parted slightly.  An "oh" escaped from me."  p 52

This is just a really incredible story of a young woman dealing with so much and you feel for her no matter what-no matter what!!  Here is Justine Larbalestier's site to learn more.   The controversy over the cover was well worth it and the second one works for my mental images. The second girl is the character that would have pretended to be a boy!
Recommended for high school- 5/5 peaceful stars.
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