Monday, March 8, 2010

Ruby Lu; Empress of Everything


     Peaceful Girl and I read this together and we love Ruby Lu.  If you haven't yet met Ruby Lu, think Ramona with an Asian-American background.  Ruby Lu; Brave and True is the first in the series and I really hope there will be more (ahemm,  Lenore Look, are you listening) because they are so much fun to read.  In this adventure several important events  occur.  Ruby Lu's cousin, Flying Duck emigrates from China and stays with Ruby Lu's family.  Everyone speaks Chinese now at home and Ruby Lu has to share her room.  Because Ruby Lu spends time helping her cousin in school, Ruby Lu falls behind and the two have to spend part of the summer in (dreaded) summer school!!  The two take an eye test together(Ruby Lu hopes to fail so she can get glasses) and because Flying Duck is deaf, Ruby Lu learns (and we do too) some sign language. Ruby Lu makes a list of things she wants to accomplish over the summer and crosses them off as she goes-as a fellow list maker I loved her little notes.
   This is one of those easy-to-read chapter books meant to bridge the gap between easy readers and more difficult chapter books. The Ivy and Bean series by Annie Barrows fits nicely into this category as does Jeremy Bean.  I think this is a fast growing market and I'm glad-we are having a great time reading them at home.  Peaceful Girl is reading another one to me, Mimmy and Sophie; all around the town by
Miriam Cohen. 
5/5 peaceful stars, highly recommended for elementary fiction
Mitali Perkins talks about Ruby Lu right here.

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