Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yoga Day

Tomorrow is the beginning of our big yoga project at my elementary school. On Monday nights I attend and attempt to do mindful yoga with a lovely woman, Mary and she has agreed to come to our school and teach 12 kids several yoga routines.  After the students have had a chance to practice they will be videotaped and each teacher, in a week or two, will have a DVD of mini yoga lessons to use in the classroom.  Fantastic, right!  I am so excited to see this project coming to an end, which is really the beginning, because this initial part has taken a lot of planning and arranging.  I have the camera ready. I purchased hair ties, extra workout pants for kids, and I've arranged for each student to receive a school t-shirt to wear for the event.  I will be so excited tomorrow afternoon when I know it has all worked out!

Other bookish news:

I am working hard to finish gossip of the starlings by Nina de Gramont.  I still have An Unfinished Angel by Sharon Creech  in my library bag as well as Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier.  I really appreciate authors with websites and/or blogs-I think it is almost essential at this stage of the game.  Thank you to all the authors that do-it makes finding good information about you so much easier. 



Patricia J. Weaver said...

I wish I could do Yoga! I can't seem to still my thoughts long enough to get to the place as one lady told me. I've never been to the place...

Jenners said...

That is such a neat thing! I bet the kids love it.

My mom sent me some Yoga for Kids cards and my Little One and I did it together for awhile. I tell you ... he is SO much more flexible than me!