Friday, March 26, 2010

A week past

Wow-a whole week and no blogging!  It has been an extremely crazy week and I am so happy to have reached Friday.  My computer was missing its power cord (or was it me that was missing it...) for a few days at the beginning of the week as I (mercilessly) left it in Indiana at my friend Barb's house.  She nicely  mailed it to me even though she is coming to town this weekend.  I got the cord on Wed afternoon and still couldn't even think about blogging.  I've also had a wicked cold which has had me crawling into bed soon after getting my peaceful girl to bed.
Just so you know the week wasn't a total loss here is a list of all the other things I did get accomplished in my absence:

1. I emailed author, Jeanette Hopkins,who is planning a visit.  This was long overdue as it was dumped in my lap by the early retiring TAG teacher.  I don't mind having the assignment but was a little behind in all the arrangements.

2. I worked steadily on report cards for two days only to find out they are not do today as I was once told but next week, which (ha, ha) puts me ahead for next week!  We are just required to do a number grade (1,2,3) but it still takes a huge brain process to call up each sweet face.

3. I had a book club meeting on Monday evening.  Speaking of Monday night, here's how it went down: I left work right at 4:00 so I could run home and charge my dead phone, grabbed a bottle of wine from my very small stash-I was going to need it later.  I picked Japhy up from school for her gymnastics class, arranged with another mom/friend to bring Japhy home, watched her tumble and stretch for 30  minutes (and while my phone was charging, (thanks to the gym for having available outlets) then left to go to book club.  Our book this week was The Help, which I love but read quite awhile ago. My book club read it on my suggestion so I felt the need to be there even though I missed my first second series of yoga!   I fell in bed right after book club ended!  The treats were delicious and the conversation was deep. 

4. Tuesday was my husband's birthday yet we had a 4:00 funeral to attend and then my husband's drama youth group met so he did not get home to celebrate until 8:30.

5. Wednesday my mom (mostly) with me picking up the slack (me scrubbing potatoes) after I arrived home from school.  We made my husband a lovely birthday dinner.  She made him a pie for desert and he (needing some much needed quiet time)asked to eat dinner while watching a movie.  My mother agreed but I could tell in her heart she was disappointed.  It was an odd choice of my husband's but it was his birthday celebration.
5.  Thursday was pretty similar to Monday's schedule but involved two long appointments with teenage angst son.  Luckily my mom was still  in town to help so my husband and I both could attend  appts. with young son.  We ate dinner on the fly at Jimmy Johns between appts. 

6. I created and uploaded to our server file three lesson plans for my ongoing project with other librarians in my district. 

7.  I received three boxes of brand new beautiful books from Titlewave, which I compare to going to the grocery store: 3 boxes of books=$2,000+.  I am so excited to inventory them and get them out on the shelves.  Because of all other things occuring at work I had to hold myself back from opening them earlier in the week and just immersing myself in the happiness new books bring to me.  Today's the day though so picture me, in my very brand new back room, luxuriating with new books all around me as I read.

8.  I also worked with my principal to fix a huge crisis-I was denied a personal day to attend the Dalai Lama's speech on education at my alma mater.  I've wanted my whole life to hear him speak and I have the tickets so I was crushed and mystefied as to why I was denied.  We worked some things out but I'm not going to go into detail just yet. 

9.  In the midst of all this craziness I've been reading The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen, which I preordered from Powell's. Yes, I know I wasn't supposed to buy any new books until I read all the books from my shelves but life is full of exceptions.  The last two days I've been reading in spare moments because I'm so interested in this story.  I also have to write reviews for Just Listen by Sarah Dessen and Operation Yes by Sarah Lewis Holmes.

10. I am so happy the weekend is here (almost) never mind that I have guests coming for the weekend.  I plan to make it a stress-free weekend-after I scour my house. 
p.s. my mom gave me a head start-she cleaned my microwave, refrigerator and my oven.  Thanks mom!!

Hope your week has been peaceful!
Happy reading-

Link to local article about our school yoga project.


Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, you won a book over on my blog. I'll resend the email to you. You had quite a week!!

Jenners said...

I'm tired just reading this!