Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hugging Hour


     This great little book came in my recent order from Titlewave.  Great title, great front cover with the sweetest granny on the front!!  From the first few lines you are pulled into a little mystery: 
"To Drool, it seemed like her parents had been gone for an awfully long time."
with a perfect illustration of Drool (Drew) gazing down a long and winding road and throughout the rest of the book is Grandma appeasing Drool with fun activities while she misses her parents.
    By the end I discovered  the "mystery" of the missing parents is a weekend sleepover with Grandma.  Upon reflection this little book gives a great look at what it must feel like for a small child to spend an overnight with even a Grandma as lovely as this one; fun but still filled with longing for the missing parents.  This will be a perfect book to use for deep thinking...and yummy cooking.
     When I explored Aileen's website I noticed she illustrated another favorite of mine, Bella and Bean(click here for my review of  B & B) by Rebecca Kai Dotlich.  I also noticed she has an Etsy shop as well.  I'm going to explore that  a little more as well!
Highly Recommended-Elementary picture book
5/5 peaceful stars
Click here for Aileen Leijten's lovelywebsite!

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This book looks so adorable. I need to see if the library has it.

Hope you are doing well. Sorry I have not commented much lately, but I have been browsing while sick and working :)