Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowmen, Snowwomen=Snowpeople

(photo courtesy of Snowman Pics)
This first week back at school is always tough-teachers and students are tired.  In the Midwest its been cold and will be cold, cold, cold through March.  It is a long season for kids to tolerate.  To bring a little fun into the first week back and share their holiday break stories, we've been talking snowmen and reading books featuring the funny snow creations.  Here's my list of books I'm using with students through January, hopefully giving kids a light-hearted look at winter.

Read this week:

It's Winter (2002) by Linda Glaser-great alliteration which keeps even the youngest students awake with the fun sounds.  Even though this is fiction it has interesting facts and just as the reluctant listener might be giving up their head snaps back at the mention of bats and bees hibernating!

All You Need for a Snowman (2002) by Alice Schertle-I've fallen in love with this book and don't know why I haven't used it for a read-aloud before.  Poetic passages and whimsical illustration keep liitle ones(and me) mesmerized.  "Three hand-packed, triple-stacked balls of snow.  Hat on top, where a hat should go-that's all you need for a snowman.  Except for..." and the next page gives you another item to add to the big, billowy snowman

To Read:

Snowballs (1999)by Lois Ehlert-This one has always been my go-to book for winter.  This year a teacher borrowed it before I had a chance to which  may be a good thing as it led me to search anew.

A Snowman named Just Bob (1999)and its mate A Snowgirl named Just Sue (2005)by Mark Kimball Moulton- good, paired set to read together.  A bit over the top in cheesy though and long.

Oh! (1999)by Kevin Henkes-in simple form shows the pure joy of winter snow.

Tracks in the Snow (2003)by Wong Herbert Yee-good, mini-mystery showing us a lovely outdoor winter world.

Snowmen at Night(2002) by Caralyn and Mark Buehner-with a little imagination a young boy thinks of fun things snowmen must go off and do while everyone else is sleeping.  Classic fun and probably what we will read next week.

Stranger in the Woods; A photographic fantasy(2000) by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick-Love this story, the kids love the "mystery" and the photos are beautiful!

There was an old Lady who swallowed some Snow! (2003)by Lucille Colandro and Jared Lee-rhyming, rollicking fun and kids cannot resist getting involved in this readaloud.

A Really Good Snowman (2005) by Daniel J. Mahoney-I discovered this charming tale last year and enjoyed reading it aloud because it has such a sweet message about helping smaller siblings out.  Cute animal characters compete in a snowman competition. Perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade.

What am I  missing?  What snowman and winter books are your favorites? 
Share your ideas in a comment so I can expand my collection.


Jen said...

How fun! When I see a snowman, I think back to all of the snowman-centered strips in Calvin and Hobbes. :)

Tina's Blog said...

We started with Snowflake Bentley today.

Tif Sweeney said...

I really enjoy Snowmen at Night and just realized that we do not have The Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! My son loves The Old Lady books and now I must find this one! I'm thinking it might be the only one we are missing!