Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perfect pictorama of my life!

My husband sent me this hysterically true image today and I want to share.  It wouldn't share as an image so I hope it works as a link.  And then I got it to work as an image-that's just what we blogger-teacher-librarians do; we keep trying until we get it to work! Enjoy.

Love Librarians!


  1. That is funny :) I wish there was a picture of a library being shut down, because so many of my friends think the end of libraries is near! Good thing we know that's not true :)

  2. I've seen several of these for a variety of professions :) My favorite picture is the one with the taxpayer laughing...the country demands to know why our students don't read well and/or just simply don't read, yet they close or underfund libararies left and right. Good grief.

  3. Ha!! Even though this is quite funny (love the card catalog and the tossing money in the air), I do agree that the public perception of librarians is sadly under-realized. Thanks for sharing this!


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